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Cosmetic Dentistry in Westfield, IN

Please keep in mind that we offer numerous services not highlighted here.  This is just a small sample of cosmetically based dental work.  If you are interested in any type of dental work, be sure to give us a call and set up a consultation.  From repairing or replacing a single tooth to restoring an entire arch, we would be more than happy to discuss your specific case with you.

Patient One

“I should have had this done years ago!”

Debbie came to us unhappy with the look of her upper front teeth. Her lateral incisors, which are the teeth next to her middle two, had been bonded many times over the years and were showing stain and constantly chipping. We whitened her lateral incisor teeth and then placed full coverage ceramic crowns on them. We matched the color perfectly and Debbie was absolutely thrilled! Not only do they look fabulous, they are also very strong and should not require the maintenance she had been dealing with for so long.

Patient Two

“My new smile feels completely natural and the process was much easier than I had thought.”

Steve had an accident years ago and broke his front two teeth. He had them “patched up” previously and they kept breaking. He also had undersized teeth next to his front two and was wanting his entire smile to be better. We placed full coverage ceramic crowns on his lateral incisors and veneers on his front two.

Patient Three

“I always hated my smile. I would try to smile without showing teeth. I never imagined I could have the smile I have now. THANK YOU Dr. Friedman, you have changed my life!”

Tonya had undersized teeth and wanted a new, bright smile without braces. We placed multiple full coverage crowns on her upper and lower teeth. Not only were we able to improve her smile greatly, we were able to improve her bite and her function.

Patient Four

“Dr. Friedman and his staff are awesome. I am so glad I had my teeth done. I can’t stop smiling now!”

Meredith came to us with bonded front teeth and she was unhappy about the color. After whitening, we placed full coverage ceramic crowns on her two front teeth. We were able to add beauty and strenght to her teeth and the entire process only took 3 weeks.

Patient Five

“I never thought I could have my smile fixed so quickly and easily. So glad I had this done.”

Alex lost a front tooth as a youngster and the teeth next door had shifted together. We looked at many options, including orthodontics, but Alex was not interested in braces. After quite a bit of conversation and planning, we were able to place two full coverage ceramic crowns and close the space.

Patient Six

“Quite possibly the best investment I have ever made.”

Anthony had been told by two other dentists that he needed a denture. Anthony wanted to take every avenue to avoid a denture and keep his natural teeth. We were able to restore his bite and both arches with all ceramic crowns and dental implants. We are very pleased with the result and the fact we were able to avoid a denture is a huge success!

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